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So now is a year of re-operation in making flutes, and I appreciated the confidence you have shown me, I thank you very much !
but I actually made more flutes than I had initially planned !
So I have a big deficit in another activity that is dear to me, painting !!
This is why I offer you another way of operating : I will manufacture, at my own pace, and will offer you, on this site as well as on my facebook page, the instruments that I will have made, which will be available. You can however direct me on my choice, if a model interests you, I will not ask you for a deposit, and will not give you a deadline, I thus remain more "free" !!
I will be present at the Salon de Musique Ancienne de Nantes, on October 2 and 3, where I will have the pleasure to meet you, hoping that the sanitary measures will be softened ! with flutes that will be available, I will list them, all the info here

after an interruption of more than two years, I decided to restart a small activity of manufacturing baroque flutes.
However, I do not give up my other passion which for me is painting, I realize that I can carry out these two activities, after taking time for our installation in the Lot, with work which is now ending, and two workshops to bring to life!
This offer is limited to only 5 or 6 baroque transverse flutes per year (see, that's reasonable!), and does not include Andean flutes.
This website is back online, with a new domain name, instead of!
For any contact and order, please by email at contact(at)flutesbaroques(dot)fr
You will discover my new offer, more restricted than previously, by browsing the pages of this new site, enjoy your visit !

Baroque transverse flutes :

Also called traversos or one keyed flutes.
I offer several hand-made concert flutes, the perfect woodwind instrument for playing baroque music, with its varied styles and typical of that period.
In my work, I am looking to recreate the unique sound peculiar to the musical individuality of each of the baroque flute models that I offer and to provide an individual musical quality, sympathetic to the original sound.
I work in a traditional way, taking on board the views and comments of fellow musicians.
I hope you enjoy exploring my website. You are welcome to come and try out my instruments, they will reveal my true passions.
If you were to buy one of my flutes, I would be happy to answer any queries and you can be assured of my best support at all times.

My flute's stamp :

Since August 2008, all my baroque flutes are stamped with a symbol of a Basque cross, that I had already used in a simplified form, reflecting the origin of my family’s roots.
This cross, comprises four commas or "heads" (lau-buru in Basque language) set in a circle. It is based on the pre-Indo-European solar symbol or "swastika". Swastika comes from the word Sanskrit meaning "who is good" or "to be a good omen". Archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates from the Neolithic period and it remains widely used in Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. In it’s original Basque format it consisted of four ibexes turning around a circle.

Individual marks of baroque flutes :

My Baroque flutes are engraved with a unique identification number, visible on the head of each instrument by removing the cap. This issue is of the form year/month/day, end date of manufacture (exemple : 100624 for June 24, 2010).

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